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The text contains a report for 2018 for all the money. And the photos are a partial report from Ivano-Frankivsk City Association of ATO Participants.

At the end of 2018 "Hromada" together with "Ridna Shkola" and the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in San Francisco had series of events dedicated to "Charitable Actions" where we collected $1,255 (including $310 leftover from spring activities). Additionally, during "Giving Tuesday" in December we collected $1,900 more. Altogether we collected $3,155 for children in Ukraine who lost a parent on the frontline.

Unfortunately, Facebook was unable to fulfill its promise to match our collected funds due to a limit cap on collected funds by all organizations.

In December we were able to send $1,550 for 31 children on our list, each $50. Soon we plan to transfer $50 for 32 more children, $1,600 more.

Altogether, $3,150 for 63 kids in Ukraine thanks to your efforts and your charity. Those funds were collected on a series of lectures, meetings, and other events as part of November and December charitable drive. Also, thanks to the effort of individual "Hromada" members, an additional $3,450 were sent for 69 kids in Ukraine.

From the bottom of our heart we want to thank all of you who didn't stay on the sidelines, but instead actively helped with the charitable events, donating your own time, resources, and money; without you it would not be possible to let the families of our heroes know that they are not on their own, and we remember them even in far-away California.

We are not able to list everyone who contributed with their donations, but we would like to remind you, that since «Hromada» is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, you could ask us for your tax-deductible statement. Please contact us at hromada.sf@gmail.com. We would also like to mention that parishioners of St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the Ukrainian School in San Francisco and the St. Volodymyr Center in San Jose managed to collect and send 66 packages to families in Ukraine.